Azienda Agricola Antonella Leda' d'Ittiri

The Estate

Azienda Agricola Antonella Leda' d'Ittiri

The estate, located at the feet of Monte Doglia, is accessible from the road that connects the village of Santa Maria La Palma to Fertilia.
It covers 18 hectares, 10 of which are olive orchards, while 7 are vineyards. The agricultural region where the farm lies today, was created during the Fascist period when these area was drained and divided into little pieces of land destined to cultivation; each of them was provided with a farmhouse.

In 2003, the noblewoman Antonella Leda' d'Ittiri bought and joined two pieces of land together, taking up her residence in one of the two farmhouses of the estate.

The other house is currently our "Wine Resort", where visitors will have the chance to taste wines, extra-virgin olive oil and local typical products. The estate is situated within the Natural Park of Porto Conte, habitat of Mediterranean vegetation and of several species of wild fauna: wild boars, rabbits, hares, partridges, and fallow deers.

The olive orchard (of which, only a little part dates back to the period of the drainage) was planted approximately ten years ago, in conformity with modern growing techniques. Among the cultivars we can mention: Bosana, Carolea, Nocellara and Frantoio. The vineyard originates from the owners' idea of producing in Sardinia some types of wines similar to first-class Bordeaux red wines that they greatly appreciate. With this intent, they have planted Merlot and Cabernet grapevines. Later on, in order to set off the potentialities of the area, they have paid more attention to local productions such as Cannonau, Cagnulari and Vermentino.

The business philosophy consists in producing small quantities in favor of a higher quality and in offering a high-level hospitality to those visitors who appreciate the tranquility and the fragrance of the countryside.


Our production is based on the cultivation of grapevines. Our aim consists in obtaining high-quality products. We currently produce one type of white wine and three different red wines.

Olive Oil

Our extra-virgin olive oil is only obtained through a low-temperature mechanical process that guarantees an excellent quality but a lesser yield. We produce two different types of extra-virgin olive oil: one is more spicy and bitter, while the other is milder and more delicate. The first contains a larger quantity of oil obtained from "Bosana" and "Frantoio" olives, while the second is almost entirely produced with Carolea olives.

Wine Tasting & Wine Tour

Visit of vineyard and olive trees with guided tasting of our wines and olive oil paired with typical sasuage and different kind of cheese coming from small local producers.
On those days when we do not receive enought request to run a full guided tour (12), we are always opened for 3pm to 7pm for tastings. Both tour and guided tastings by reservation only.